Patience Ogbonnaya

Makeup Artist
  • Experience :
    6 years

Professional Experience

As a makeup artist is a specialist in cosmetics, I use artistic skill and makeup products to enhance someone’s natural features or to change how they look. Also, I do makeup for weddings and other special events, and for modelling shoots, theatre productions, film, and TV shows. As a Makeup artists who work on films and other productions I use special makeup techniques to radically change an actor’s appearance, for example to make them look much older than they are, or to make them look like they’ve been in a fight.

Wedding Makeups 58%
Film Artist Makeup 55%
Decoration 50%
Event Makeups 61%

Career Guidelines

As a make-up artist I skilfully transform the human canvas into the desired character or appearance within an allotted timeframe. Also, I often work with clients to enhance their physical features and create a flawless appearance. As a professional and well established make-up artists I also serve as columnists and editors for beauty and style magazines. Also serve as experts on panels and write books and have blogs about make-up application.

As special effects make-up artists I spend hours developing a person into the desired finished product. Also often work with prosthetics and spend several hours tediously creating the perfect illusion. Also, as theatrical make-up artists I often work with directors to bring their vision for the actor to reality. Also, as a make-up artist I clean and maintain tools and carefully select my mediums. Also work with cosmetic companies to develop products and often create own line of cosmetics.

As make-up artist I have a broad range of common skills, but specialise in many different types of make-up and application techniques including:

  • Special Effects
  • Prosthetics
  • Theatrical
  • High Fashion
  • Airbrushing
  • Light Bending
  • High Definition

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